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AI Workshops

MachineTrain is conducting 2 part series of workshops to educate people on the basics of programming, and use of data analytics, machine learning algorithms applied in various environments.

All the workshops will include hands-on programming activities to enable easy understanding of concepts and increase interest in the topics.

The target audience is anybody who is interested in learning to code and learn machine learning skills and wish to  apply them to create applications will not violate personal privacies and make the world a better place.

Data Analytics Chart Performance Pattern Statistics Information Concept.jpg

Part I - Data Analytics with Python

Python is the most simplest language for learning Data Analytics and Machine learning. This workshop will teach programming concepts and hands-on practice exercises.. 

Data Analytics - Data is analyzed to identify patterns and relations using modules in python and Jupyter Notebook

Topics covered:

Statistics, Data Frames, Visualization with graphs, Data organization, collection, extraction



Part II - Machine Learning Concepts

Machine Learning is the science of programming computers to learn from data. This workshop will include hands-on exercises that will demonstrate use of  the various ML algorithms 

Topics include

  •  Data Cleaning

  • Feature Engineering

  • ML algorithms - Regressing, Decision Trees, Clustering

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Scikit-learn modules

  • Build AI application

Prerequisite : Python and Data Analytics

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