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Data Analytics

Our services include

Data Collection – We can help in gathering data for the analysis.

Data Organization – We can help organize data in a format that is easily manipulated and updated.

Data Hosting – We provide storage and data hosting services for the data generated/collected.

Data Visualization – We provide tools to create visualization charts for data analysis to highlight data patterns and relationships.

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Our services include :

Data preparation – Cleansing data ( fixing errors, removing outliers). Transforming data by updating formats and enriching data by adding/connecting data to provide deeper insights.

Data Training – Apply Machine Learning algorithms such as Regression, Classification, Decision Trees, K-means to train data to learn

Model Evaluation – Evaluate validated data to ensure success of data training. Some of the common metrics are   - confusion matrix, mean squared error, validation curves and learning curves.

Big data analytics visualization technol


We use Predictive modeling techniques to predict future behavior. Some of the services provided are:

  1. Identifying failures in business process and help apply corrective measures.

  2. Forecasting performance and growth in various sectors of the company.

  3. Optimizing processes to increase performance of the systems.

  4. Improving customer services by analyzing/predicting user behavior.

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