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What is Abstract class and method?

What is Abstract class and method?

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This program will contain a series of online video tutorials that will be available to Students on subscription basis.

This program is ideal for Students preparing for Java exams and 

AP Comp Science A.

Course Overview: The classes will review the enter syllabus for the AP course. The focus is on theory  and practice Java concepts.

Java1 will cover the following topics

  • Control Statements

  • Loops - For ,while

  • Logical, Relational Operators

  • Arithmetic, Assignment Operators

  • Order of precendence

  • Class, Methods, Objects, Interfaces

  • Inheritance, Polymorphism

  • Abstract class, method

  • Strings

  • System out - format

Status - Active

Subscription Java1  : $120 per month.

No REFUNDS - but cancellation allowed

What is abstract class and method?

What is abstract class and method?

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Java2 will cover the following topics

  • Arrays, Lists

  • Multi-dimensional arrays

  • Search Algorithms- Sequential ,Binary

  • Sorting Algorithms - Selection, Insertion,Merge,Quick

  • Recurrsion

  • Collectors, Iterators

  • Strings

Status -  Will be Available starting Jan 2020.

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